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Famous for their world-beating range of electrics outside of the E-Cig market, LG have lent their expertise to the vaping world in order to create the efficient, robust and diminutive batteries that vaping mods require. It’s a reliable brand with a reliable set of products; you won’t regret ordering batteries developed by LG.

It’s for this reason that Redjuice confidently display a range of LG’s batteries for your browsing enjoyment, with all sizes and specifications catered for under the usual aegis of the 18650 size. There’s the HG2, the HB6 and the HB2, all with slightly different variations on your vaping experience - check out their specifications to decide which option best suits your preferred vaping style - big clouds or MTL? Huge capacities or quick charge times? You’ll find you’re catered for when shopping with LG. Helpfully colour-coded and competitively priced here on Redjuice, you’ll not need to look further afield than LG’s range secure the mod battery you’ve been searching for online.

At Redjuice, we know that an out-of-action E-Cig can be a bit of a disaster, so that’s why we offer same-day dispatch on your orders from LG so that your new battery will be slotting into your device as quickly a possible.

1 x LG HE2 High Drain Mod Battery (2500 mAh) 20A Constant Rating
£5.48 (£4.57 excl. VAT)
In stock
1 x Genuine LG HG2 High Drain Mod Battery (3000 mAh)


1 x HG2 In Case 2 x HG2 In Case
£5.99 (£4.99 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
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