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If you’re a vaping enthusiast with a passion for modifications, chances are you’ve got an array of batteries that fit into your kits, some of which lie in wait to swap in when you’re out of charge. To store these safely and securely, Redjuice supplies hard and soft cases for batteries large and small.

Helping to keep your kit safe, tidy and ready to use, these cases are all produced by quality brands and suppliers, with useful additions that allow loose batteries to be carried on a set of keys, a belt, or attached to a bag for all-day vapers who enjoy being prepared.

At Redjuice, we appreciate that the vaping experience is enhanced with exactly the right kit, be that with super-efficient tanks or long-life batteries, and the battery case is no exception to this rule - it’ll help you keep your products in order and at hand without worrying about the safety of loose batteries jingling around in your bag.

Check out current bestsellers like the Efest Hard Case for 2x or 4x 18650 batteries, or the Efest Soft Case with Zipper and Clip for inspiration as to how to store your own batteries.

Designed to fit all kinds of E-Cig batteries, the cases arranged below are all priced competitively to ensure value for money, and benefit from same-day dispatch in order to sweep your delivery to you in the earliest possible slot.

Protect your 18650 batteries and legs without adding extra bulk with these affordable and lightweight 18650 battery sleeves. These silicon protective sleeves prevent the battery terminals from contacting metallic objects or other batteries, which could cause irreparable damage, or even pose a safety hazard. As an added convenience these sleeves have an attachment loop molded into their design; handy for attaching to keys, bags, or anywhere you wish you had a spare battery.

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4 x 18650
£4.94 (£4.12 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
This product is designed to keep up to 4 x 18350 or 2 x 18650 Mod batteries safe and secure from short circuit or other damages while in your bag / pocket, even clipped onto your person. This is a cheap and essential safety item for the safe transport of high power batteries.
£2.50 (£2.08 excl. VAT)
In stock
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