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Complete Kits

The Complete Kits section is for Electronic Cigarettes and Mods that come with everything you need in the box (Batteries & Charger / Device or Mod / Tanks & Accessories) to get you on your way, you can refine your search by selecting one of the subcategories, "The Compact Range" is for the smaller, slimline, lightweight E-Cigs, largely the "Ego" type pens and E-shisha sticks, "The Pro Range" is where you are going to find the larger, more powerful and feature rich devices and "The Enthusiast Range" is where you will find a selection of devices that have features and or a build quality / finish that are just that little bit more specialist, that may or may not only appeal to the really dedicated fans in the vaping community, whatever your level of interest in vaping is we intend to offer you a good broad range of genuine, branded, quality goods at a fair price, we will only stock devices that we have tried and tested and would buy for ourselves if we wanted that type of device for its intended purpose in life, they all have one, convenience, performance, even if it's just for the ridiculous or simply the pure fun of it.