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Originating from China and founded in 2010, Smok has firmly established itself as a leading innovator in the vaping industry. Known for their advanced Mods, Tanks, and Pod Kits, Smok combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, catering to a wide range of vaping preferences. Their products are celebrated for their durability, high performance, and stylish aesthetics, making them a favorite among vapers globally.

Among Smok's best sellers, the Nord 4 stands out for its impressive 2000mAh battery and up to 80W power output, all packed in a sleek, portable design. The device also boasts an innovative dual-sided airflow adjuster for a tailored vaping experience. Another top seller, the TFV-Mini V2, is known as the Smok Baby Beast V2, featuring a locking swivel filling port and mesh coils for outstanding flavor and cloud production. Lastly, the Novo 4 combines convenience and performance in a compact form, offering a 800mAh battery, adjustable airflow, and a new pod system with changeable coils. These top products showcase Smok's commitment to innovation and quality, making them popular choices among vapers.

3 x TFV12 Prince Replacement Coils


V12P-Q4 (0.4 Ohm - 40-100w - Best 60-80w) V12P-M4 (0.17 Ohm - 30-70w - Best 40-60w) V12P-Max Mesh (0.17 Ohm - 80-130w) V12P-Mesh (0.15 Ohm - 40-80w - Best 60-70w) V12P-Strip (0.15 Ohm - 40-100w - Best 80-90w) V12P-T10 (0.12 Ohm - 60-120w - Best 80-110w) V12P-X6 (0.15 Ohm - 50-120w - Best 80-100w)
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5 x TFV8 Baby T8 / Brit Beast Replacement Coils


V8-Q2 (0.4 Ohm - 40-80w - Best 55-65w) V8-Q2 (0.6 Ohm - 20-50w - Best 30-40w) V8-Q4 (0.4 Ohm - 30-60w - Best 50-60w) V8-T6 (0.20 Ohm - 40-130w - Best 70-90w) V8-T8 (0.15 Ohm - 50-110w - Best 60-80w) V8-X4 (0.15 Ohm - 30-70w - Best 45-60w)
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