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Colonel Booms

Fire in the hole! The Colonel is back from duty to bring you the secret delights picked up from around the world and freshly made for your vaping devices. Made right here in Old Blighty we jolly well make sure that flavour production is at the forefront of all our Bang Bang Juices.Handmade with military efficiency you can be sure that every bottle is created equally, so after a long day of boots on the ground manouvres you can get down to the mess hall and chug away on the Colonel's Finest knowing full well that each is made with precision and care.

This range was created and intended for use in rebuildable devices and particularly dripping atomisers for the full flavour effect, while most of the range works perfectly well in regular atomisers it is worth noting that the true depth of flavour comes while dripping. These are complex juices and most contain layered flavour experiences. We recommend a 1.0 to 1.2 ohm build for most users but test (and use as a personal setting) many of the flavours around 0.5 ohms.