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This UK-based brand is busy preparing a small but powerful bonanza, which they have scheduled to take place in your mouth shortly. Their powerful fruity flavours are combined with a delicate nuance in taste profiles that ensures that the delivery throughout the draw and exhale is second-to-none. For big and impressive flavours, look no further €“ Juice Bomb can deliver.

Juice Bomb E-Liquids are available on Redjuice in nicely-portable 10ml bottles, each flavour boasting a hidden explosion that you'll be able to enjoy as an all-day vaper. With explosive names to fully represent their grand and mind-boggling flavours, Juice Bomb aren't messing around when it comes to servicing your tastebuds. The Bomb is their current best-seller, with a combination of berry fruits in startling harmony in both a strong exhale and a joyous aftertaste. Detonator takes a twist on this, offering red berry juice as their base for that big bang in your mouth and through your nose, while fast-moving Rocket is more of a subtle affair, with mango and pineapple poised against one-another to provide a delightfully balanced and summery vape.

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Apple Rumble Double Up by Juice Bomb eliquid | 50ml Shortfill - A classic apple crumble, just the right amount of cinnamon and sweet pastry that will make your taste buds rumble! 

Product Origin:UK
Product Type:Shortfill E Liquids
Pack Size(s):50ml
Brand:Juice Bomb
Flavour Groups:Bakery, Dessert, Fruity
Flavour Notes:Apple, Crumble, Cinnamon
Juice Mix:70% VG / 30% PG
Strength(s) In Stock:0mg
£4.20 £11.99 (£3.50 excl. VAT)
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