Orangey Orange by Monas Pantry

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Brand:Monas Pantry
Flavour Groups:Citrus, Drinks, Fruity
Flavour Notes:Orange
Juice Mix:70% VG / 30% PG
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Monas Pantry is a high VG Dripper / Subtank juice line. It's all about bold, realistic yet straightforward flavours, You won't find any hints of this / lashings of that with an underlying note of whatever, Just straight up what it says on the tin, and lots of it.

Orangey Orange by Monas Pantry - Straight up juicy sweet orange, As with any good OJ it will need shaking before use, The flavours contain alcohol so this one is best in a dripper as it may expand tank o-rings if they are the silicone variety such as in the Crown Subtank by Uwell, The mix is 70% VG / 30% PG.

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Possibly the best, genuine orange flavour juice out there. Reminds me of Fanta, but not as sweet.

As good as Element fresh squeezed, enough said!

Reminds me on orange Fanta.
Serious juice

This is by far the best orange juice, I have ever vaped. For me, it tastes just like freshly squeezed orange juice you have with breakfast. Be prepared for your mouth to be left watering and wanting more and get ready for the sweet taste that is left on your lips. Unlike the element orange, this doesn't leave me with an odd aftertaste but it does have a big throat hit for 3mg nic. I got over this by mixing in some 0mg. Other than that this gets a massive thumbs up from me. I used to change flavours daily, but think I've vaped this four days straight now.

Stunning Orange - Exactly as it says on the tin - Orangey Orange

Very realistic orange flavour. Not quite sweet enough for me so I mixed with a vanilla I have and now it's perfect.

Stunning flavour, and makes a lovely vape. Tastes like pure orange juice but the way it should be. I find real orange juice too bitter but this takes that away and has the perfect balance nice and sweet but not too much so, and no horrible bitterness. I would go a long way to find a better e-liquid. Only one note it works better at a little higher wattage and gives off its amazing flavour. Will be telling all the people i know to give this a try!

Just what it says it is - orange and lots of it. Blasts of Sunny D and orange juice will assault you here.

The only thing is you'll need to be wary of the throat hit on this one - use the wrong build and you'll know it. I've found it's best dripped onto a higher resistance build so that it can be vaped cooler. When you find what works for you though, the flavour is sublime.
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