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Harking back to a bygone era when US citizens would have to surreptitiously enjoy their vices under cover of speakeasies and the likes, the folks at Prohibition Vapes know how to please their UK audience with flavours that astound and excite in equal measure, all with a hint of mischievousness muddled into the mix.

Redjuice is proud to supply Prohibition E-Liquids in both their Nicotine Shots and their 100ml short fill glory, which means you'll be able to dabble with the nicotine satisfaction in your all-day vape. Their bestseller is indeed their flavourless Pro Nic Nic Shot, which enjoys an 18mg dosage of nicotine in its ma VG mix, although their flavourful short fill options are proving ever-more popular too. Christmas Pudding is a fine example, glowing with the festive merriment of the season, yet somehow providing a sublime all-round all-day vaping experience thanks to its berries highlighting the deep dessert sugars that make this particular Prohibition liquid a hit with all kinds of vapers in the UK.

Ordering Prohibition Vapes liquids on Redjuice means you're getting value for money thanks to our competitive pricing and same-day dispatch, which will wing their products over to you in extra-speedy delivery times.


Pro Nic by Prohibition Labs eLiquid | 10ml Nicotine Shot - Don't your short fill e-liquids deserve the best nicotine possible? Pro Nic by Prohibition labs is a 10 ml bottle of uflavoured e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 18 mg. Use it to add nicotine to any short fill e-liquid.

Product Origin:UK
Product Type:Nicotine Shots
Pack Size(s):10ml
Brand:Prohibition Vapes Co
Juice Mix:Max VG
Strength(s) In Stock:18mg
£1.99 (£1.66 excl. VAT)
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