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We've got good news for all you sweet lovers out there: Strange Fruit puts a new and exciting twist on your favourite sweets, creating deliciously devilish E-Liquid flavours. With funky, cartoonish packaging and handcrafted, fruity vape flavours, you'll fall in love with Strange Fruit and re-discover your inner child €“ all while enjoying a smooth, high quality inhale.

Strange Fruit is brought to you by the talented vape experts at Puff Vapors, an E-Liquid manufacturing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The line was created by a group of professional mixing specialists using high-VG ingredients to ensure the complete satisfaction of the vaping community.

Bestselling flavours include Rotten Candy, which is a mixture of your favourite candies drenched in grape soda, as well as Frooty Booty, a blend of melted snow rainbow cones and sweet, gooey syrup. Why not try Spoiled Milk, which is a juice that boasts a smooth and creamy €œkey lime milkshake€ flavour.

Designed to intrigue and delight your palette, you'll easily fall in love with this wacky E-Liquid line; luckily, Redjuice stocks a vast range of Strange Fruit flavours. Available in 80ml short fill bottles, you can take your pick of these popular, juicy liquids and enjoy an everyday vape to tell your friends about.

Rotten Candy by Strange Fruit E Liquid | 80ml Short Fill - Take all of the tastiest fruity candies that you can find and crumble them into a fine powder. Now, mix the powder into a fizzy grape soda. Drink the soda through a red licorice straw. If you can manage to complete that project, congratulations! You've earned our official award for culinary try-hards. If you're not up to the challenge, don't fret -- just vape a bit of Rotten Candy by Strange Fruit instead.
£10.00 (£8.33 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
Spoiled Milk by Strange Fruit E Liquid | 80ml Short Fill - Everything tastes better with a little milk -- and nothing tastes better in milk than a squeeze of citrus. Spoiled Milk by Strange Fruit E-Liquid is a rich milkshake with crumbled bits of key lime pie on top.
£10.00 (£8.33 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
Frooty Booty by Strange Fruit E Liquid | 80ml Short Fill - Can you imagine taking the syrup for a rainbow snowcone and condensing it into a single lollipop? If that sounds like an interesting concept to you, Frooty Booty by Strange Fruit is about to become your new favourite e-liquid.
£10.00 (£8.33 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
Fried Eye Scream by Strange Fruit E Liquid | 80ml Short Fill - Fried ice cream is already one of the world's most decadent and delicious desserts, but Strange Fruit is a company that isn't afraid to tinker with perfection because you might come away with something even better. Case in point: Fried Eye Scream. It's got everything you love about fried ice cream, and a note of crumbled fruity cereal on top elevates it to an experience that you won't soon forget.
£10.00 (£8.33 excl. VAT)
Out of stock
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