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After scratching our heads for a matter of minutes, attempting to decipher their name, we’ve come down on Bruce Lee as the founding father of Bruce Pro Innovations - inspiring the brand, at least, with his trademark swift moves and uncompromising quality.

Hinting us towards our conclusion is their high-quality, premium and bespoke product, named pointedly the Sumo RDA. It’s set apart as one of the best value-for-money RDAs out there which, on top of competitive Redjuice pricing and additional discounts, should make it an irresistible addition to a pro vaper’s kit. It’s an RDA with simple minimalist style and a non-replicable drip tip but is, of course, tinker-able thanks to its ability to have coils replaced by those vapers with the building know-how. There’s innovation in the coil technology and airflow system so that you’re getting the most out of your E-Liquid on each draw of your device, so that this is a product that should be as brutally knock-out as a Bruce Lee roundhouse to the face.

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The Bruce Pro Innovations Sumo RDA presents a 25mm atomizer with an additional cooling wide bore top cap. Airflow enters the RDA through the dual 7mm by 2mm airslots on each side of the top cap, as well as from dual 10mm by 2mm airslots at the base.

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Brand:Bruce Pro Innovations
Product Origin:USA
Product Type:RDA / RDTA
Materials:Stainless Steel
To Fill:Easy Top Filling
Coil Unit (Atomiser Head):User Replaceable Coils (Atomiser Head)
Compatibility:510 Thread
Drip Tip:Non Replaceable Drip Tip
Tank Diameter:25mm
Coil:Bottom Quad Coil, Bottom Single Coil, Bottom Dual Coil
£10.99 £22.00 (£9.16 excl. VAT)
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