Purchasing most items at our store or on our website will award points to your customer account.  Points have no redeemable cash value and can only be spent against future orders at our store or at our website. Reward Points get added to your account when your order has been shipped.

For the full terms and conditions regarding reward points please read our Terms & Conditions.

Customer Account Required

To take advantage of the Reward Points scheme in our store or online you will need to have created a customer account on our website before making a purchase, if you do not already have one you can register here. Unfortunately reward points can not be retrospectively added to your account if you have previously made purchases in our store without opening an account first.

How they work

Below is a detailed look at how the Reward Points system works, for this guide you can see that I already had 251 points on my account from a previous purchase, at the end of this guide you will see that I have spent all of my points balance and received a discount of £2.51 from the Monas Pantry purchase and have gained another 374 points to spend on a future order or save up on my Customer Account.

1. Points awarded per product.

To see how many points an item will give you, please see just above the quantity box on the product's info page as shown in the red outline below, The amount can vary per product and is not a fixed percentage. Some products may have no points, some may have as much as ten percent of the items value or more during promotions as shown in the example below.

2. Total points in your basket

Below you can see in the review cart page the total amount of points that will be awarded on this order, Once it has been shipped.

3. Total points available to spend on your account.

When logged into your customer account, you can see in the cart page below the amount of points you have available to spend, you can spend them all or just some against your order, simply enter the amount you wish to spend and then click apply.

4. Points spent and discount applied.

In the example below you can see that I have spent all of my 251 points and received a £2.51 reduction in the amount I need to pay for this order. You will also see that by reducing the price of the order (Order discount) it has also reduced the amount of points awarded from 399 to 374, This is because points are awarded against the value of the order as paid for.