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At Redjuice, we’re more than happy to service the intrepid and skilled vaping enthusiasts, by presenting a whole host of tools and kits for the gizmos of this world to tinker with their devices. Whether you’re looking for an ultrasonic cleaner in the UK to get your parts squeaky clean, or a whole kit that covers virtually every need, you’ll find it on this page.

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1 x OneVape Pod Neck Chain Ideal for easy access to your pod system, such as the OneVape Lambo or the Mi-Pod

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Golden Silver
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EZ Dripper Clip for the 15ml EZ Dripper Bottle and Lanyard
(£4.99 Excl. Tax)
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1 x Coil Master Cleaning / Polishing Cloth
(£1.63 Excl. Tax)
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1 x Coil Master Ceramic Tweezer / Opener Tool

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1 x Ceramic Tweezers by UD

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The Coil Master resistance meter is accurate to +/- 0.4%, Measuring from 0.01 to 19.9 Ohms & 0.01 to 11.9 Volts, It requires 2 x AA Batteries ( NOT INCLUDED )
£12.95 £3.00
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