Top 50 E-Liquids

Whether you’re in a rush or you’re happy to delegate to popular opinion, it’s always helpful to see what’s most popular before placing an order for E-juice.

With this in mind, Redjuice have concocted two lists for your perusal: the first is our Trending Chart, showing the most popular sales in the last 7 days; the second, the Top Selling Chart, lists all-time sales, showing the King of the Juices in terms of what’s been the best-seller since Redjuice’s inception.

You’ll find all the most popular brand names here - Suicide Bunny’s eclectic mix of flavours, like Mother’s Milk, jostle with the much-loved Monas Pantry Strawberry Milk blend and Ruthless’s Grape Drank for the position of top dog. Rightly so - they’re not only the most-famous liquid producers, but some of the very best, too.

So, if you’re after something that’s got the stamp of approval from the UK general public, this page should give you some ideas as to what E-juice to next top your tank up with, whether it be the latest fruity flavours or some dark and mysterious tobacco tones.

With speedy delivery and competitive pricing, Redjuice is the best place to service your requirements for the best options in juicy goodness.