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The project master plan at Fiber Freaks is dead simple: provide the UK vape modding market with fine-quality wick pads for all of their coil wicking needs. And it’s something they deliver with real aplomb, with affordable products packaged in classy containers ready to order here on Redjuice.

Fiber Freaks’ two options are both top-selling in their class on Redjuice - one pack is the Original Cellulose Wick Pads and the other is a Cotton & Cellulose blend. Both come in packs of four which you’ll find will last quite some time even if you happen to be running quite a full-on modding operation out of your garden shed. Its simple stuff that’ll arrive at your door nice and quickly for urgent coil replacements thanks to Redjuice’s same-day dispatch service on your orders, which means you’ll be fiddling about with fluff and wire in no time at all after a vaping mishap. For amateurs and enthusiasts alike, products such as those provided by Fiber Freaks are part of your workshop arsenal to ensure you’re always prepared to modify and augment your vaping experience.

Redjuice is proud to offer these two Fiber Freaks products for competitive prices, helping UK vapers make their hardware go further.

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