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The chaps down at OBD wraps concentrate on two things: making fine-tasting E-Liquid, and manufacturing some of the coolest battery wraps in the UK market. It's the second facility that they're most famous for, with their bestselling items all available on Redjuice for you to browse and compare.

Taking their inspiration from the popular Rick & Morty cartoon, ODB Wraps hit the big time with their Pickle Rick Battery Wraps, which not only provide a fun and stylish aesthetic - they protect you against compromised wraps on your batteries causing you or your device any harm. There's everything from Zombies to Skulls to Polar Bears to wrap up your batteries in - catering to all kinds of UK vaper. Meanwhile, it's important to highlight the charming E-Liquids developed by ODB Wraps, their most famous and chart-topping of which is the Coco Granola blend - sweet vanilla lushness combined with a heady mix of spiced cinnamon and a dusting of coconut shavings - a delightful option for all-day vapes.

As with all orders place don Redjuice, by ordering your ODB Wraps products here today, you'll enjoy same-day dispatch that'll have your orders with you in extra-quick delivery times.

We’ve all had a battery wrap tear on one of our 18650’s. Some of us continue to use them like that, which is incredibly unsafe. Well, now you can save all those unsafe batteries that have compromised wraps with ODB’s high quality designed and unique wraps. (Pack Of Four Wraps)


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