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With a name like Sigelei, you’ll not be surprised at the sort of products this outfit from the Far East is producing for your vaping needs. It’s rugged and angular, futuristic and stylish, and - as they claim themselves - their products ‘are a workhorse and show pony rolled into one’ - a fabulous moniker for a special kind of E-Cig brand.

We’re in deep admiration of Segelei here at Redjuice, offering extremely competitive pricing on their available product, the bestselling Fuchai R7 Mod that’s proving a disruptively impressive offering at the moment. Lurking behind a striking, gorgeous body, available in a range of colours, is the sheer power and technical prowess that truly distinguish this battery as sent from a few years in the future. The flared body is perfect for hand-held ease, while you’ll be gifted with the usual controls you’ve come to expect from the best battery mods. There’s 230W of power to play with, meaning you’ll be able to curate the exact vape hit you most enjoy when using the elegant and beautiful R7 Mod from Sigelei.

Order Sigelei products from Redjuice and benefit from the same-day dispatch system we run on all order to get your purchase with you as quickly as we can.

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