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Stealthy, discreet and mean - it’s Smoking Vapor’s business to offer mouth-to-lung vaping quality with every device. When it comes to packing a significant punch for those vapers, amateur or pro, searching for a refillable pod vape with a special like-smoking experience built into the design, look no further than these guys and their Mi-Pod classics.

Redjuice are more than pleased to offer their two top-selling options to the UK market, including the Mi-Pod Replacement Pod, with silicone covers, which will help swap in to their Mi-Pod all-in-one systems. Where the latter is concerned, check out their wonderful geometric and colourful designs that cover a hand-held, discreet mode of vaping that’ll satisfy your urging for mouth-to-lung excellence without meaning you’re carrying around a clunky device during your day-to-day vape. It’s competitively-priced and highly-lauded in reviews, with starter vapers favouring its easy-to-use design, as well as the more experienced vapers looking to its simplicity and value as a reliable set-up for all-day vaping.

Order today on Redjuice to enjoy same-day dispatch on your order that’ll have your Mi-Pod at your door as quickly as possible. If you order over £30 worth, you will also qualify for free next day delivery, meaning you can enjoy your products sooner rather than later.

2 x Mi-Pod Replacement Pod by Smoking Vapor with silicone covers Compatible with the Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor
£7.99 (£6.66 excl. VAT)
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