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There’s something alluringly graceful and admirably calm about the offerings from Viva Kita - a vaping brand that’s not fussy about sneaking into niches or going head-over-heels with new design innovations. Their products are graceful, simple and wonderfully satisfying, winning customers who’re both vaping enthusiasts and beginners taking their first step into the world of the vape.

It’s on Redjuice that these remarkable products are to be found incredibly competitively priced, with value for money at the heart of what we do. Viva Kita’s bestselling stormer - the Fusion AIO Kit – is the all-in-one mouth-to-lung, fist-clutching and discreet vape that you’ve been searching for, coming in a range of classy colours and suitable for the fledgling cloud chaser and those without too much technical knowhow as to how to modify or select-build their vapes. It’s robust yet sleek, chunky yet incredibly comfortable to hold - a suitable size to fit into a pocket without drawing attention. Also offered are its replacement coils - the Fusion Replacement Coils in a pack of five to ensure you’re vaping all-day and every day without interruption.

As well as gloriously affordable prices, Redjuice also offers same-day dispatch to get your Viva Kita orders with you without delay.

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