Aspire Pre-Filled Pod Kits

Aspire SLX Pod Kit

The Aspire SLX makes vaping as simple as it should be, an all in one device that comes with a fantastic selection of pre-filled eliquid pods that only needs charging. This kit comes with everything you need to begin your ecig journey, an elegant battery device finished in anodised aluminium and a prefilled classic tobacco flavoured pod that simply attaches via a magnet. The Aspire SLX Pod Kit features a battery almost twice the size typically seen in a starter device of this style and thanks to the built in Micro USB port, there's no need to search high and low for your charging adapter.

Capacity (mAh):450
Product Origin:China, USA
Product Type:Pre-Filled Pod Kits, Mouth To Lung
Compatible With:Aspire SLX Kit
Strength(s) In Stock:20mg
£9.98 £19.98 (£8.32 excl. VAT)
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