Top 50 Vape Accessories (Sales Chart)

At Redjuice want to help you cut to the chase when it comes to researching, selecting and buying your E-Cig accessories. So we’ve arranged the 50 most popular options, with the best-selling item topping the list below.

There’s hardware - the chunky bits and bobs that’ll get you off the ground with your new vape - and then there are accessories, which include all the smaller parts that will keep an all-day vaper in business day after day. It’s the latter we’re displaying below.

Any experienced vape connoisseur will know that it’s replacement coils that any enthusiast is most likely to buy time after time while keeping the very same hardware, and the very best of the bunch can be found below, produced by some of the biggest brands - your Aspires and Kangers - for your requirements.

Incredibly popular are the Aspire Cleito Replacement Coils in a handy box of five, and Aspire’s Nautilus BVC Organic Cotton Replacement Coils, also supplied in a set of five for convenience. LG’s HG2 Mod Battery also proves popular for those looking for longer life on their vape.

Each product displays its specifications in full and is competitively priced, arriving with you as soon as possible thanks to our same-day dispatch delivery option.