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For those with a sweet-tooth, Avid Lyfe E-Liquid is the perfect choice for your vape with a range of flavours that tickle the taste buds just like your favourite deserts. These E-Liquids are crafted with a complexity of taste that will transform your vaping from a dull to an exciting experience, transporting you instantly to your childhood where you can once again savour the sweet refreshment of your favourite treats.

At Rejuice, we stock the tastiest, best-selling short fill E-Liquids Avid Lyfe have to offer, such as the Avid A.D, which tastes of a velvety vanilla ice cream drizzled in refreshing mint green shamrock syrup. Another delightful top seller is the Avid Shakes which are crafted to be an exceptional strawberry vape that feels as though you're tucking into a candied, creamy milkshake with every breath. Last but not least, there is the delicious Avid Treats which give you a gooey marshmallow taste topped with dulce de leche icing.

The Avid Lyfe short fill e-liquids can be brought in both 10ml multipacks and 80ml short fill bottles from Redjuice, which offers some of the most competitive pricing so you can be sure you're getting the best deals.


Avid A.D. by Avid Lyfe eLiquid | 10ml Bottles - Why wait all year for shamrock shakes to appear in the restaurants when you can enjoy that classic blend of mint and vanilla ice cream whenever you like? Avid A.D. by Avid Lyfe is the smooth, minty e-liquid of your dreams.

Product Origin:USA
Product Type:10ml E Liquids
Free Postage:FREE UK Shipping on this item
Pack Size(s):30ml
Brand:Avid Lyfe
Flavour Groups:Ice Cream / Lollipop, Mint, Milk / Cream
Flavour Notes:Vanilla, Cream, Ice Cream, Milk, Mint
Juice Mix:70% VG / 30% PG
Strength(s) In Stock:0mg
£2.40 £16.00 (£2.00 excl. VAT)
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