Banana Butt E Liquid

Banana butt E Liquid LogoBanana Butt only take one thing seriously, good banana flavours! Left cheek is a strong but smooth banana and right cheek is an oh so sweet banana oatmeal cookie for all you dessert vape juice fans out there. Made in the USA, these flavours are big, bold and well rounded!
Left Cheek by Banana Butt eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Banana e-liquid lovers are a funny bunch. They're fiercely devoted to their favourite flavour in a way that many other vapers aren't -- and if you consider yourself a member of that group, Left Cheek by Banana Butt E-Liquid is the juice for you. Capturing the flavour of a banana cookie topped with banana hard candies and toasted nuts, this might be the last banana e-liquid you'll ever need.
£12.49 (£10.41 excl. VAT)
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Right Cheek by Banana Butt eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - If one e-liquid doesn't quite do it for you, it's always a good idea to turn the other -- actually, we'll spare you the strained metaphor. Right Cheek by Banana Butt E-Liquid is a soft oatmeal cookie topped with a dash of sweet Saigon cinnamon.
£12.49 (£10.41 excl. VAT)
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