BlackJack Flavour E Liquid & Best BlackJack Vape Juice

Black Jack Flavour E-Liquid LogoIf you're looking for an e-liquid capturing the flavour of a blast from your past, you can't go wrong with a Black Jack vape juice. The famous chewy aniseed candy found its way into all of our Halloween bags when we were children, but it's often difficult to find in stores today. If you want to buy a real Black Jack, you often need to locate a vintage candy store -- but no more! You can enjoy the anise flavour you love in vapour form whenever you like by buying any of the e-liquids on this page. How can you identify the best Black Jack e-liquid? It's easy -- look for the one that adds the flavour of taffy to give you the real Black Jack candy experience. A Black Jack candy isn't liquorice, and it isn't absinthe -- it's something entirely different. You'll find only the real Black Jack vape juice on this list.
Blackjack by Aisu | Zap eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Aisu Tokyo have recreated a classic candy treat, the distinct and aromatic taste of blackjack chewy sweets!
£8.99 (£7.49 excl. VAT)
In stock
Tropic Twist by Fantom E Liquid | 100ml Short Fill - Fantom have created a totally twisted taste of your favourite childhood sweets from punchy pineapple to black jack chews!
£14.99 (£12.49 excl. VAT)
In stock
BLK Cream by Bangin eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - This unique and delicious shortfill blends together black jack candy chews with sweet cream and it's absolutely Bangin!
£12.98 (£10.82 excl. VAT)
In stock
Blackjack by Drenched eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill   -  Drenched are recreating your favourite aniseed candy, perfectly capturing all of the delight found in those black chew sweets in a delicious eliquid!
£11.24 (£9.37 excl. VAT)
In stock
Blackjack by Love Your Coil eLiquid - 50ml Shortfill - A rich and delicious candy taste from your childhood, who doesn't love these sweet aniseed chews?!
£7.98 (£6.65 excl. VAT)
In stock
Blackjack by SOLT | SVC Labs eLiquid | 10ml Bottles - You know exactly what you're getting when you buy an e-liquid with "Blackjack" in the name! Blackjack by SOLT is the anise and berry candy that you've been searching for everywhere.
£4.99 (£4.16 excl. VAT)
In stock
Unloaded By Mr Wicks eLiquid - 50ml Shortfill - Do you enjoy a strong, cold menthol e-liquid that brings something a little different to the table? You'll love Unloaded by Mr. Wicks. This e-liquid blends its strong menthol base with a nice, rich aniseed note.
£5.99 (£4.99 excl. VAT)
In stock
BlackJack by Puff Dragon - Flawless - Your favourite, old-school sweet!

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0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg


10ml (1x10ml)
£3.48 (£2.90 excl. VAT)
In stock
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