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Brandy Flavour E-Liquid LogoWith its wide range of flavour profiles and ability to capture the character of the land on which it is produced, the invention of wine is surely one of the human race's greatest accomplishments. In the days before refrigeration and sterilization, though, wine didn't travel as well as it does today. Wine producers needed a solution to avoid spoilage and reduce product loss. That solution was distillation. By distilling wine, you create a product with a higher alcohol content and no impurities that can cause the wine to spoil. Brandy also has a unique flavour differing from that of the wine used to produce it. Begin your exploration of brandy vape juice right here. The best brandy e-liquid is complex and pleasing to the refined palate, capturing brandy's mild grape flavour as well as its tannic bite. The unique flavour of brandy adds a bit of magic to any e-liquid.
Singa Slinga Salts by 7th Floor Cocktails eLiquid | 10ml Bottles - Try a fruity cocktail slung straight out of Singapore. Gin, pineapple juice, cherry brandy and of course lime are given a sweet shot of grenadine to finish you off!

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