Christmas Pudding Flavour E Liquid & Best Christmas Pudding Vape Juice

Christmas Pudding Flavour E-Liquid LogoWhen you're on the hunt for an e-liquid flavour that's a bit unique and unusual, we've got a bit of advice for you: Try a Christmas pudding vape juice. With dark notes of fruit and spice, a whiff of alcohol and the type of complexity that can only come from extended ageing, the best Christmas pudding e-liquid really gives you the feeling that you're tasting something that took hours of labour in the kitchen to create. Just like the real food, Christmas pudding in e-liquid form can only come about with the assistance of a wide variety of different flavours. Most e-liquid makers would rather try to capture simpler flavour profiles, so Christmas pudding e-liquids are rare -- but they're well worth seeking out. When you do find the perfect Christmas pudding e-liquid to suit your taste, we recommend enjoying it with a glass of good cognac or brandy. You'll love how the flavours complement one another.
Selection Box by I VG Seasonal Range E Liquid | 3 x 50ml Short Fill - The perfect range of seasonal shortfill flavours to keep you feeling festive over this holiday season! This fantastic selection box by IVG comes with 3 different 50ml shortfills that will get you in the holiday spirit. Plum Pudding - A traditional figgy pudding, rich in winter berries, dark plums and the all important sherry... Scofi Caramel Crunch - Do you have fond memories of scoffing away sweet caramel coated biscuits by the fireside? Snowball Smoothie - Why is it we only drink snowballs this time of year? Creamy smooth vanilla cocktail with a touch of lemon and lime!
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