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Cocoa Flavour E-Liquid LogoCocoa powder is the antioxidant-rich food that gives us the characteristic taste of chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolate truffles and so many more foods. The amazing thing is that, despite the versatility of cocoa, it is a relatively inexpensive food because of the way most chocolate products are made. For any chocolate product that requires a smooth texture and good melting properties, manufacturers use more cocoa butter than what naturally occurs in the cacao bean. That leaves us with a surplus of delicious cocoa powder that remains after the cocoa butter extraction process. If you want a cocoa vape juice that tastes like real chocolate, the key is to find an e-liquid that uses an ample amount of sweetener. Otherwise, the e-liquid's chocolate flavour will fall a little flat. A note of milk also helps to wake the cocoa flavour up. Would you like our vote for the best cocoa e-liquid? You can't go wrong with an e-liquid that combines cocoa with a bold, fruity strawberry note.
Pina Colada 50/50 by I VG eLiquid | 10ml Bottles  - Juicy chunks of fresh pineapple are blended together with sweet coconut to create one of the fruitiest pina colada eliquids you'll ever try!

Nicotine Strength:

3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg


10ml (1x10ml)
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