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Corn Flavour E-Liquid LogoHumans have a unique relationship with grains. The cultivation of grasses such as wheat, rice and corn has enabled humans to live in one place and work the land rather than living nomadic lifestyles -- and if we asked you to name the most nourishing food that comes to your mind, we bet you'd name a grain product. Corn vape juice attempts to express that magic by capturing corn's deliciously sweet and slightly buttery flavour. When you look for the best corn e-liquid, you'll find e-liquids with flavour profiles including buttered popcorn, corn cereal and even cornbread. All three flavour profiles are well worth trying. If you want the purest and sweetest corn flavour possible in an e-liquid, though, we strongly recommend beginning with a buttered popcorn vape juice. Stimulating the sweet and savoury taste receptors simultaneously, popcorn e-liquids are bona fide all-day vapes for many people. We think you'll agree with that sentiment.
Experiment One by Teleos eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - This is the vape juice that launched one of the world's most famous e-liquid brands. Experiment One by Teleos is every bit as unusual as the name implies. With a flavour profile perhaps best described as a sweetened corn pudding, we've never tasted another juice like this one.


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Cornflake Madness by Puff Dragon - Flawless - Morning, Breakfast vape.

Nicotine Strength:

0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg


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