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Cough Syrup E-Liquid LogoYou might ask yourself why anyone would want to find a cough syrup vape juice. We wonder the same thing sometimes, and we think it might have something to do with nostalgia and a desire to recapture flavour experiences from one's past. It's also possible that cough syrup vape juice is simply popular because vapers are easily bored, and they're always on the hunt for something truly unique. Whatever the reason, cough syrup vape juice exists -- and you can find it right here. How, then, do you find the best cough syrup e-liquid for your taste? The first thing to do is identify the flavour profile you want. Cherry and strawberry cough syrup e-liquids are both common. The next thing to decide is whether you want an e-liquid with menthol. Adding menthol to a cough syrup vape juice gives you a flavour profile more like that of a cough drop.
Frosty Hacks by Fcukin Flava E Liquid Shortfill  - When your throat hacks, try Fcukin Flava's perfectly recreated cough sweets  with a cool mint aftertaste!
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Remedy by Dr. Frost eLiquid | 25ml & 100ml Shortfill - That's right -- you can finally find an e-liquid capturing the flavour of the cough syrup that your parents relied on when you were a child. Delivering the flavour of strawberry cough syrup, Remedy by Dr. Frost won't make you feel better when you have a cough, but it's definitely tasty.


25ml (30ml Bottle) 100ml (120ml Bottle)
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