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Croissant Flavour E-Liquid LogoMade from layer upon layer of buttery puff pastry, the croissant is the centrepiece of any good continental breakfast. Lamination is the dough preparation technique that gives croissants their magic. Folding a block of butter into the dough -- and then folding the dough several times more -- creates a dough with hundreds of layers, each separated by butter. The butter traps the escaping steam during baking, causing the dough to rise as if it contained yeast. When you eat a croissant, you don't taste the fermentation of yeast or the chemical reaction of baking powder -- you just taste cooked flour and butter. The best croissant e-liquid accurately captures those notes while maintaining a flavour profile distinct from that of bread. When you shop for croissant vape juice, you'll encounter delicious French pastry notes including almond extracts, custards, fruit flavours and so many more. You'll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth when you buy a great croissant e-liquid.
Chocolate Croissant by Solid 9 E Liquid | 50ml & 100ml Short Fill - An indulgent bakery treat, this delicious croissant pastry is stuffed full of smooth milk chocolate!


50ml (60ml Bottle) 100ml (120ml Bottle)
£11.99 (£9.99 excl. VAT)
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Glazed Kronuts by Donuts E Liquid | 50ml Short Fill - Imagine taking buttery puff pastry, rolling it into a croissant shape and deep frying it. Heresy, you say? Nay, it's a cronut! Glazed Kronuts by Donuts E-Juice captures the flavour of a cronut filled to the brim with rich pastry cream.
£14.99 (£12.49 excl. VAT)
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