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Cryptid Energy E-Liquid Logo​From the deepest and darkest depths come these monsters of fruity energy drink eliquid! The original Gridylow will lure you in with its green blend of apple, watermelon and citrus notes, the Laobazi on the other hand is an absolute ripper of yellow tropical fruits that's coming to get you.
Iaobazi by Cryptid Energy eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Driven out into the mountains due to its bloodlust, the Iaobazi is an absolute ripper, even as far as monsters are concerned. Don't get lured in by its sweet scent of tropical fruits as there's no escape from this vape juice...
£9.98 (£8.32 excl. VAT)
In stock
Grindylow by Cryptid Energy eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Not every beast of the swamp is as slow as it seems, this green skinned monster will lure you in with its sweet taste of Citrus, apple and watermelon energy right before it pounces...
£9.98 (£8.32 excl. VAT)
In stock
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