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The charming foundational story behind Crystal Cloudz speaks of avid vapers tasting the juicy waters of umpteen brands, before unanimously deciding they could do a better job themselves. Step forward, the brand by flavour-loving vapers, for flavour-loving vapers.

It's Redjuice's pleasure to present to you the results: a veritable festival of flavour arranged in classy-looking packaging for a discerning vaper looking for both intensity and delicacy. Crystal Cloudz delight in the mystery behind their flavours, which is why you'll find some of their most popular options shrouded beneath tantalisingly enigmatic names. Take Dragon's Egg, which takes the elusive dragon fruit and pulps it with rich orange cream and shavings of peach, or otherwise Red Sardonyx - a juice that keeps on giving with sweet and thick ice cream notes long after the draw. A special mention to Kyanite, too, which manages to expertly balance ripe blueberry with sour raspberry, with drops of mint lifting it up to a crescendo in the throat. Redjuice provide both 10ml and the larger 50ml short fill options on Crystal Cloudz's finest 'blendz'.

Ordering on Redjuice means you'll be enjoying rigorously competitive prices and super-speedy delivery on all Crystal Cloudz juices that catch your eye.


Red Sardonyx by Crystal Cloudz eLiquid | 10ml Bottles - Do you love your fruit-and-cream e-liquid blends? Of course you do, and here's something a little different. Red Sardonyx by Crystal Cloudz blends a vanilla ice cream base with mango and passion fruit syrups.

Product Origin:UK
Product Type:10ml E Liquids
Free Postage:FREE UK Shipping on this item
Pack Size(s):10ml
Brand:Crystal Cloudz
Flavour Groups:Fruity, Ice Cream / Lollipop, Tropical
Flavour Notes:Ice Cream, Mango, Passion Fruit, Cream
Juice Mix:70% VG / 30% PG
Strength(s) In Stock:6mg
£2.50 £4.99 (£2.08 excl. VAT)
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