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It's always happy-hour for this swanky, luxury brand - the new kid on the block offering both metropolitan chic, urban grit and suburban paradise, bottled up for your enjoyment in a clean, classy and minimalist bottle which, as the name suggests, provide 24/7, 365-day enjoyment. Whether you're new to the vaping club or an old favourite, Daily has an E-Liquid that's sure to set your taste buds alight.

If you've been wondering where to buy Daily E-Liquids, at Redjuice you'll find their most mesmeric flavours ready for your sampling. Each flavour has its own urban theme: Sprawl is your classic city-tripper for with 'Atlantic drizzle frosting' its delightful secret ingredient, while Metropolis makes no excuses for surging up the sidewalk with multi-berry and minty-slushy greatness. Perhaps the finest all-day vape, and Daily's most popular, is Suburban - a juice that's found the winning coordinates where blending chocolate ganache and minty malevolence are concerned; who isn't obsessed with minty chocolate? Redjuice offers these glories of vape in handy and portable 10ml bottles, as well as the heftier 50ml short fill containers.

City-slickers, jet-setters and urban jungle explorers will be drawn to Daily's ruthless minimalism and edgy ingredients, aspects that Redjuice are proud to promote, with speedy delivery and excellent prices sweetening the deal.

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