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Demerara Flavour E-Liquid LogoProduced originally in Guyana and now steadily spreading to the rest of the world, Demerara sugar is one of the most interesting sweeteners to hit the market in years. It differs greatly from the mainstream sugar products to which you might be accustomed. The two types of mainstream sugar are white sugar and brown sugar. Although they taste different, they're both the same highly refined product at their cores; brown sugar is simply white sugar with added molasses. Demerara sugar, on the other hand, is a less refined sugar with some of the naturally occurring molasses still present. Demerara vape juice plays on the sweetener's origin by exhibiting dark, complex flavours that typical sweetened e-liquids don't possess. In e-liquid, Demerara sugar is the ideal companion for savoury flavours such as tobacco -- and if you're looking for the best Demerara e-liquid, we highly recommend trying a tobacco e-liquid as your first purchase. We think you'll love it.
TY-4 by T-Juice eLiquid | 10ml Bottles - The caramel-tobacco blend of RY4 might be the most famous e-liquid flavour profile ever, and TY-4 by T-Juice is here to update that classic flavour. Caramel and tobacco blend with notes of toasted nuts and demerara sugar to create a tobacco e-liquid that's more complex and delicious than ever.

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3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg


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