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You will have never come across a vape brand like Digbys Juices before, and you will have never come across vaporizer juices like those that they offer. Well, when these juices are the most premium that the market has to offer, what else is to be expected? Lucky for you, though, they can all be found at Red Juice, for not-so-premium prices!

Whether it's Dr Jekyll, with its intense absinthe and citrus highlights, that has you switching your E-Liquid habits, or it's Moriyas Mix, the best cure for vaper's tongue known to man thanks to its eucalyptus and cool menthol bursts, that has you mixing up the way you vape, there's a flavour for each personality. Or perhaps it's the infamous The King, with its balanced dollops of peanut butter, banana and cream flavours, that has you ditching your old flavours and pledging your allegiance to new ones, or it's Rheum, a twist on the classic rhubarb and vanilla crumble dessert loved the world over, that has you breaking vaping tradition — when you go Digbys, you don't go back!

You can try your Digby of choice in 10ml or 50ml short fill bottles, and you can revel in same day dispatch if you order it by 7:45 pm.

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