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The Dutch are famous for their love of coffee shops and cheeky injections of sugar into their days, which explains why this Amsterdam-based company is heading full-throttle into the E-Liquid market with juicy, succulent and unfailingly sweet options for tank-suckers across the land. Known for their pastry, DVTCH Amsterdam is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Redjuice are proud to offer all such mouthwatering delicacies in 10ml bottles and their larger counterparts, the 50ml short fill, so that DVTCH Amsterdam products can be enjoyed from morning to night, whether strolling down moonlit canals or relaxing at home in front of the TV. Conjuring up the former, best-seller Red Light District employs rich raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry to plunge you into collar-pulling intrigue, while Chloe offers a brighter daytime feel with its melon, honey and blueberry blend. Topping the tables in terms of popularity is the now-famous Tom Pounce mix, which celebrates the Dutch pastry in all its sticky, flaky, creamy and soft glory - all vanilla clouds and icing aftertastes.

All of these tasty treats and more are just a few clicks away on Redjuice, which offers speedy delivery on products bought at an incredibly competitive price.

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