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It's been four long years filled with continual refinement, tasting and development for E-Apothecary, who've emerged from the labs with some of the finest luxury E-Liquids in the business - a line developed by Alex Beaucgae for decadent palettes looking for juice with a distinctive edge.

This line of five fabulous flavours are all available on Redjuice, where the 100ml short fill bottles are reminiscent of Victorian remedy shops and their ingenious, characterful bottles of all shapes and sizes. The range's oh-so-Gothic names hint at the dark swirling flavours lying in wait: the Nectar D'or - the best-seller - begins with a creamy butterscotch hit while the tobacco and coffee flavours ambush you on the exhale. Elizabeth Tears utilises the Creme Anglaise and lifts it further with overtones of vanilla, while Heisenberry takes you down a dark alley and robs you for all you're worth with its dark and sumptuous blue raspberry shock that'll get your heart racing with excitement. The E-Liquids from this particular company range from modern (PB and J, anyone?) to tasting notes of tobacco and cocoa.

It's Redjuice's pleasure to open the doors to these Victorian mysteries, all sold at competitive prices with same-day dispatch getting packages of goodies to your door in extra-quick time.


Shao Khan by E-Apothecary eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - The traditional chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich is so last year. Shao Khan by E-Apothecary turns the classic ice cream sandwich formula on its head with the flavours of peanut butter ice cream and fruity sorbet.

Product Origin:Canada
Product Type:Shortfill E Liquids
Pack Size(s):100ml
Brand:E- Apothecary
Flavour Groups:Dessert, Ice Cream / Lollipop
Flavour Notes:Peanut Butter, Jelly
Juice Mix:85% VG / 15% PG
Strength(s) In Stock:0mg
£19.99 (£16.66 excl. VAT)
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