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Fig Flavour E-Liquid LogoIn the world of high-end tobaccos such as pipe tobacco, it's not uncommon to find aromatic blends of tobacco and fruit. Peach and cherry pipe tobacco are two common examples. If you've never tried a fig-and-tobacco blend, though, you've missed out. During smoking, the excess sugar in fig caramelises and adds a delightfully dark, complex flavour to the tobacco. That's the flavour that e-liquid makers seek to capture when they create fig vape juice. While there are only a few fig e-liquids available at the moment, every example of fig vape juice on the market blends a fig note with a tobacco note -- so if you missed out on the chance to try a fig-and-tobacco blend when you were a smoker, you now have an opportunity to capture that experience in vapour form. The best fig e-liquid is boldly flavoured and not overbearing with sweetness. If you're a tobacco lover, these e-liquids are perfect for all-day vaping.
Deerbolt by Canteen eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - An indulgent bowl of creamy mascarpone dessert, drizzled in a sticky fig syrup and dusted with chunks of crunchy honeycomb, no wonder this vape juice has to be locked up!
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