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Gelato, anyone? FJ's have nestled themselves like the cool customers they are deep inside the plethora of flavouring options offered by the wonderful world of ice cream, and we at Redjuice reckon you're going to delight in some of their exciting recipe descriptions and creamy-as-anything puffs.

Redjuice have on offer both 50ml short fill and 10ml bottle options for vapers with various needs from their indulgent FJ's juice. It's difficult to know where to start when looking down this menu of glories, so we'll introduce three of the most popular. A sneaky option for classy vapers is Lair, a blend of dragon fruit and pineapple that extends long in the mouth with the drippings of cream typical of FJ's flavours. Then there's Churronimo - say that with a mouth full of 99 Flake - which seems designed to delight, with vanilla bean cream and a dusting of brown sugar for depth. Finally, best-seller Cookie Craze dips more than a toe into the milky sugary oh-so-luxurious depths of the cookies and cream phenomenon.

At Redjuice, all your orders are dispatched same-day at competitive prices so that you can wet your coil in no time with these wonderfully creamy numbers.

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