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Fritter Flavour E-Liquid LogoThe best home cooks are experts when it comes to making the most of what's available. As a result, virtually every culture in the world has its own version of the fritter. The fritter is a food that couldn't possibly be easier to make. Take an ingredient, cut it up and mix it with a flour, milk and egg batter. Portion and fry balls of your mixture, and you'll have fritters. Since dipping just about any food in batter and deep frying it instantly makes that food tastier, fritter vape juice is a popular flavour note for e-liquid makers to capture. If you're wondering which is the best fritter e-liquid to try first, we suggest trying any apple fritter vape juice. As you already know from eating apple pie, apples blend beautifully with hot, golden flour. When you try an apple fritter vape juice, we'll certain that the combination of apples, cinnamon, sugar and golden batter will delight you.
Apple Fritter by Seriously Donuts E Liquid | 100ml Short Fill - A seriously authentic taste of fluffy doughnut with a delicious caramelised apple centre and sugar glaze to wrap things up!
£9.98 (£8.32 excl. VAT)
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Apple Fritter by Loaded eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - A warm and gooey centered fritter, crispy on the outside, filled with sweet apples on the inside and coated in a dusting of cinnamon sugar, this eliquid is like a hug in a bottle!
£12.98 (£10.82 excl. VAT)
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