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A cheeky name with a well-refined game in turning imaginative flavour combinations into a reality, the folks at Gotcha! know how to blend a taste profile so that each drag consists of succulent starts and finishes, with smooth, well-mixed flavours occupying that sweet middle-ground. If you enjoy a breakfast or snack break that consists of coffee and a sugary, glazed donut, then this E-Liquid brand has got your name written all over it.

It's the finely-tuned 100ml short fill bottle that's available on Redjuice at present - handy for those all-day sensations in the vaping world. Gotcha! have developed a best-selling brand straight out of the UK, with Coffee Dunked Donut a firm favourite for indigenous vapers. It fully positions itself as that breakfast feeling of dipping juicy soft dough into a steaming mug of coffee, with the beany goodness swirling endlessly around the core flavours of sugar glazed donut - all recognisable in the long draw of a single cloud of puff. It's 70VG to 30PG, so expect enjoyable plumes that'll get you way beyond breakfast in their lusciousness.

Redjuice proudly offers Gothca! E-Liquids with same-day dispatch and a competitive price to boot, so you'll have your morning coffee dunk vape in no time.

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