Hibiscus Flavour E Liquid & Best Hibiscus Vape Juice

Hibiscus Flavour E-Liquid LogoHibiscus isn't just one of the world's most beautiful flowers; it's also an important food product. When you shop for hibiscus vape juice, you'll find the hibiscus note used in two different ways. The first type mimics the candied hibiscus petals eaten as gourmet delicacies in many parts of the world. In this type of e-liquid, the hibiscus note is mainly present to give the vape juice a sweet, floral aroma. Other e-liquids, on the other hand, capture the powerfully tangy flavour of hibiscus tea. The very tart taste of hibiscus comes from its high vitamin C content -- which makes hibiscus tea a perfect choice for warding off illness. Hibiscus vape juice may not stave off a cold, but it definitely will please your palate. What's the best hibiscus e-liquid? We'd have to suggest trying a vape juice that blends the floral aroma of hibiscus with the sweet flavour of cotton candy.
Blackberry Hibiscus by Aisu | Zap eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Aisu Tokyo are staying zen with this chilled taste of juicy blackberries with a refreshing taste of hibiscus flower!
£8.99 (£7.49 excl. VAT)
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NO. 64 by Beard eLiquid | X Series |100ml Short Fill - If you're looking for an e-liquid that executes an unusual flavour profile perfectly, No. 64 by Beard Vape Co. is the ultimate e-liquid for you. This unique vape juice blends the flavour of sweet blue raspberry with a note of tangy hibiscus.


100ml (120ml Bottle)
£19.98 (£16.65 excl. VAT)
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