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When one think of the best snacks and most symbolic foods to come out of the USA, it's hard to look past the bucket of popcorn. Nor can the producers of KerNel juices, who've been obsessed for a long time by the idea of replicating that movie-hall vibe in an E-juice.

Happily, their results are utterly brilliant, and that's why Redjuice are proud to offer their two mixes here for your sampling pleasure. They're both available in 100ml short fill containers - because after all, who orders a small popcorn in the cinema? - so that all-day vapers can keep coming back for more of these delicately-balanced beauties. KerNel's Caramel Popcorn is the absolute classic, drizzling that sweet treacle-like sumptuousness through every drag while basing the depth of the flavour firmly in the dessert, kernel-y category. Then there's your other option: Sweet and Salty, which goes one further in a brave and successful move to combine a little salt and a little sugar into one marvellously unique juice.

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