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Created by the team behind MoMo E-Liquid, Loco Lola E-Liquid has a distinctive bottle featuring the colourful, cartoon Lola, in the style of a retro superhero. Lola is crazy for cola… so it stands to reason that this tasty E-Liquid blends favourite fizzy drinks with sweet, fruity flavours. If you love to sip an ice cold soda on a hot day, Loco Lola E-Liquid can recreate that flavour when you experience their incredible blends.

Look no further than Loco Lola's bestsellers to find your new favourite today! Choose Black Cola if you fancy a taste of delicious, fizzy cola, which is then mixed with fresh, tart blackcurrant and blackberry. Alternatively, if you prefer zesty, citrus, opt for Lola's Crush, which blends together a mix of oranges, tangerines and lemon, served ice-cold, sparkling and sweet. For a classic flavour, choose Lola's Cola; this is their signature E-Liquid, which mixes cola with a sharp hit of lemon for an extra kick.

Loco Lola E-Liquid is available in 100ml short fill bottles, plus, if you order before 7:45pm, we will dispatch your order on the very same day. What's more, if you order over £30, we offer free delivery. All Loco Lola E-Liquids are zero nicotine products.

Lola's Cola by Loco Lola eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - If you're not sure which Loco Lola e-liquid to try first, we suggest starting with Lola's Cola. This e-liquid delivers the addictive flavour of an ice-cold cola served with a twist of lemon. A hint of menthol provides a welcome icy sensation.


50ml (60ml Bottle) 100ml (120ml Bottle)
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