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Malt Flavour E-Liquid LogoThe next time you eat a malt ball or drink a malted milkshake, you should take a moment to appreciate what a lengthy and labour-intensive process it is to create a malted grain. Malting is the process of briefly allowing a grain -- usually barley -- to sprout before halting the germination process with hot air. When a grain sprouts, it creates enzymes that convert the starches in the grain to sugar. That's why malted grains, malt powder and malt extract taste so sweet. In addition to the tasty desserts and candies that malted grains give us, malting is also what makes it possible to brew delicious beers. The best malt e-liquid captures malt's characteristic flavour by delivering a starchy complexity to go along with its sweetness -- and if you want to try a great malt vape juice, you can't go wrong with an e-liquid capturing the flavour of a malted milkshake.
NO. 24 by Beard eLiquid | X Series | 100ml Short Fill - No. 24 by Beard Vape Co. might be the world's most perfect milkshake e-liquid. This vape juice begins with the flavour of a thick milkshake -- with plenty of malt powder -- and finishes with a drizzle of bold caramel.


100ml (120ml Bottle)
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