Mascarpone Flavour E Liquid & Best Mascarpone Vape Juice

Mascarpone Flavour E-Liquid LogoWhen you're looking for a bit of culinary magic, it's hard to do better than mascarpone cheese. Made by adding a bit of lemon juice to cream to cause curdling, mascarpone is smooth and spreadable. It's also mild in flavour -- with just a slight cheesy tang -- so you can add it to almost anything. Added to a soup or risotto, mascarpone cheese brings instant richness and depth of flavour. Mascarpone cheese is also the perfect addition to a dessert; tiramisu wouldn't be possible without it. If you're shopping for a mascarpone vape juice, then, there are no rules; you can potentially find a mascarpone note as an addition to almost any flavour profile. When it comes to making a great e-liquid, a good mixologist knows that mascarpone and cream aren't the same flavour. The best mascarpone e-liquid retains a little hint of the lemony tang that real mascarpone cheese has.

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