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Mousse Flavour E-Liquid LogoThere probably isn't a single self-respecting pastry chef in the world who doesn't know how to whip up a good chocolate mousse. Made by whipping sugar and cocoa powder with egg whites and cream, chefs often enhance the unbelievably smooth texture of chocolate mousse by giving it a bit of a chill in the refrigerator before serving. You'll find it on the dessert menu of virtually any finer restaurant, and now you can enjoy it without the guilt when you buy a mousse vape juice. The best chocolate mousse e-liquid has a delicious sweetness that can only come from selecting the best possible combination of cream, milk, egg and chocolate notes. Since e-liquid doesn't contain actual chocolate, it's important to use the flavour notes in the right proportion to make the chocolate taste as authentic as possible. When you find that perfect mousse e-liquid, hang on to it -- they're rare!
Emu | Creamy Series by Big 5 Juice Co eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - It may be only the second biggest birds on the planet but, we think this Emu takes the crown as far as flavour goes, a creamy smooth chocolate mousse dessert infused with fresh mint!
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Zurich by Big Smoke eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - Chocolate interacts with the human body in interesting ways. Some people find that chocolate elevates their mood, and others find it positively addictive. Zurich by Big Smoke captures that excitement with the flavour of a chocolate mousse direct from Switzerland.
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