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Nectarine Flavour E-Liquid LogoDid you know that the peach and the nectarine are actually the same species? That's right -- they may be sold separately in stores, but they are both Prunus persica. The only difference is that peaches are fuzzy on the outside, and nectarines are not. Scientists think that a single gene mutation might cause the difference. Nectarines are also related to apricots, almonds, cherries and plums. Although peaches and nectarines are the same fruit, The fact is that the fuzz on the skin of the peach -- made of plant trichomes -- does make the flavour of the peach somewhat unique. If you can manage to find a vape juice capturing the flavour of peaches with no fuzz, you have definitely found the best nectarine e-liquid. In general, though, the best way to shop for nectarine vape juice is by choosing an overall flavour profile that interests you. In practice, peach and nectarine e-liquids taste quite similar.
Sugared Nectarine by Coastal Clouds eLiquid | Sweets | 50ml Shortfill - On the coast of california they're doing something special with nectarines, taking these tangy citrus fruits and dipping them in sweet sugar crystals...
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