Pistachio Flavour E Liquid & Best Pistachio Vape Juice

Pistachio Flavour E-Liquid LogoDid you know that the pistachio isn't actually a nut? Botanically, the pistachio is similar to almonds, cashews and pecans. It's actually the seed of a fruit! In the past, pistachio producers dyed the shells red to hide blemishes that resulted from hand harvesting. Today, though, most pistachios retain their natural beige colour because modern machine harvesting doesn't create the same blemishes. The pistachio seed is full of healthy oils, and its slightly sweet flavour makes it a perfect addition to desserts such as custard and ice cream. The flavours of those desserts are what you'll find most often when you shop for pistachio vape juice. The best pistachio e-liquid doesn't just present a generic nutty taste; it's distinct from other e-liquids with nutty flavours. If you find a pistachio e-liquid that's just a bit richer, a bit more decadent and a bit sweeter than a typical nutty e-liquid, you've found the right one.
Erlestoke by Canteen eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - Light and fluffy puff pastry is filled to the brim with a tarte raspberry centre and dusted in crushed pistachio nuts, bakery vape juice doesn't get more decadent than this!
£9.98 (£8.32 excl. VAT)
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Pistachio Ice Cream by Solid 9 E Liquid | 50ml & 100ml Short Fill -  An indulgent bakery treat, this delicious croissant pastry is stuffed full of smooth milk chocolate!


50ml (60ml Bottle) 100ml (120ml Bottle)
£11.99 (£9.99 excl. VAT)
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Painswick by Five Valleys eLiquid | 50ml Short Fill - The Ice cream in Painswick may be a little different but, it's completely moreish! Chunky pistachio ice cream is drizzled in sweet lemon syrup for a truly unique taste...
£6.98 (£5.82 excl. VAT)
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Nutty  Custard by I VG Custard 50ml Shortfill  -   Walnuts, pistachio and pecan have been ground up and dusted across this fine vanilla custard. Nutty!
£11.99 (£9.99 excl. VAT)
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