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Cuts Ice Ltd, a leading European manufacturer of E-Liquids, owns Rude Oil. Offering premium grade E-Liquid vapes, they have been picky in order to choose the perfect flavour combinations for the products. The mantra is simple €“ vape and spread the Rude word.

Rude Oil has carefully spent time on each and every single flavour to ensure the E-Liquid produces the vaping experience you deserve. Only after extensive customer research is the E-Liquid vape released on the market. The best and top of the line flavours are yours for the picking, and whether you opt for citrus, fruity, menthol or another sensational note, this brand of E-Liquids has what you crave.

The best sellers include Dirty Diesel, a mix of cream soda and sweet red berries for a sweet rush of vaping heaven; Kerosene Kandy, proving that blue forest fruits and menthol can work in harmony with one another, or if you're craving citrus and berry notes that cause a tangy stir, Coil Grease E-Liquid is the one for you. There are a total of four flavours to choose from, and each one comes in 10ml bottle sizes.

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