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With extensive testing facilities based in California and some of the brightest and best in the E-Liquid mixology business working night and day to concoct some of the finest blends known to man, is it any wonder that the guys at SVRF are turning heads with their clouds of pure brilliance?

At Redjuice, we don't think so, and that's why there's a host of 50ml short fill delicacies straight from the West Coast of America here for your perusal, all ready to blow you away with a combination of subtlety and power. Balanced sits at the top of their bestseller list, with a cream and coconut core helping to stabilise tropical flavours, keeping all the elements under control for a soft all-day vape. Satisfying is just that: using the glorious iced tea flavour that combines so nicely with dragon fruit, this is one for adventurous palettes. Meanwhile, Refreshing is all about blowing away the cobwebs and inspiring activity with mango and papaya notes rising into the nose on the exhale and lingering sumptuously long after the exhale.

Order here at Redjuice to receive incredibly competitive pricing and same-day dispatch to hurry along all deliveries on your SVRF orders.

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